FTV Nail Spa is determined to create more than just beautiful nails, we plan to provide our clientele with a wholesome nail grooming experience.

We welcome you to experience our high-end nail services with a lavish ambience. We use the finest, natural products and treatments to give you a one-of-a-kind experience. Our nail treatments are performed by experts who strive to deliver a luxurious experience.

Big Tower FTV Residences


Nail care has emerged as one of the fastest-growing segments in the beauty industry, today it has become an integral part of women's fashion. The increasing demand for nail services has seen a massive surge in recent times.

Beauty consciousness among women and the growing affordability of consumers is also providing a relevant boost to the industry. It is projected that the global nail care market will grow by a notable percentage in the coming years. New developments in cosmetics, fashion, and nail polish technology have set the pace for trends in the nail salon industry.



To ensure that trained professionals with a complete understanding of global trends provide every one of our consumers with beautiful and glamorous nails.


To provide an unmatched nail spa experience to our consumers which is at par with international standards.


To help all our clients acquire nails which will make them feel confident and others' heads turn.



FTV Nail spas are known for their lavish and elegant ambience providing a rich and calming experience that lets our patrons relax and unwind.


The entire inspiration behind FTV Salon is to give our patrons a taste of FTV’s brand value along with our premium and luxurious experiences that are worth every penny.


FTV Nail spas are recognised for providing personalised and professional client care to everyone who walks through our doors with our diverse array of exquisite services suitable for each of our clients.


Our nail artists are highly trained and qualified to possess unrivalled expertise in beauty and grooming and readily offer beauty recommendations that fall in alignment with the individual desiderata of our customers.

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